Jennylyn Mercado Will Not Speak ill of Vilma Santos

When the media asked Jennylyn Mercado about ex-boyfriend Luis Manzano, Mercado cried foul and refused to answer the questions.

She was tired of having to explain all over again what happened, and of having to deny certain rumors about them.

It is their personal decision to part ways, she said, completely debunking rumors that there was a third party involved.

Asked if this breakup is more painful than all the other breakups she went through in the past, the actress said all kinds of breakup is hard for the persons involved.

She refused to compare her relationship with Luis to her past ones.

She also said she is better now than before, although she does not want to say she has already moved on.

Jennylyn was further prodded if she still cries over her breakup with the TV host.

She did not want to answer it, and said that she will just keep that information to herself.

Is is true that their breakup happened over the phone?

Jennylyn said that whatever happened before was already in the past already, and she is poised to forget about it.

Nevertheless, she would not mind bumping into Luis one of these days.

The actress can hold her head up high against her former flame.

She also wants to maintain a good relationship with Luis’ mother, Batangas Governor Vilma Santos.

She has always been very accepting of Jennylyn, the actress said, and she did not see or would not speak ill of the Star For All Seasons.

In the end, Jennylyn insisted there was no third party involved in the breakup.

Some reports said her relationship with ex-boyfriend Dennis Trillo triggered the breakup and she is even briefly linked to Senator Bong Revilla.