Vilma Santos is Still Reluctant to Sign Her Senior Citizen’s Card

Vilma Santos was in high spirits at the belated birthday luncheon hosted for her by The Generics Pharmacy at the Makati Shangri-La.

Santos chose to partner once again with the country’s largest and affordable drugstore chain for a new multi-media campaign.

If we could only look as good as she does at her age, we would not mind being called a senior citizen—with junior looks!

She is still reluctant to sign her senior citizen’s card, she chuckled.

She is giving it time to sink in. Besides, she can still afford to pay even without discount, she said, laughing.

The birthday girl had a candidly engaging interview with her son, Luis.

She had to pause in the middle of their one-on-one to commend him.

Though she gets to watch Luis host on TV, it is rare that he interviews her, she said.

He can hardly believe he is all grown up and doing so well.

Before, he just tagged along with me during shootings.

Now he has made a name for himself and she is one proud mama.

Ate Vi left no question unanswered. Even as she was swarmed by media, she had a knack for being attuned to each interviewer. That is charisma a la Vilma!

Meanwhile, on talk that Nora Aunor might be named National Artist: She more than deserves it. She has made so many worthy contributions to the movie industry, said Vilma.

Vilma just hopes the public won’t make it an issue between the two of them.

There are more important matters that our nation has to attend to.

On the ‘Yolanda’ tragedy, she expressed sorrow. It is heartbreaking! She wishes she could go to the affected areas to cheer up the victims.

But her worry is some people might misinterpret her good intentions. So she is helping out in her own way. No need for fanfare.