Karla Estrada Recalls Her Struggle in Looking for Mom During Typhoon

Actress Karla Estrada recalled her struggle when she lost contact with her mother and relatives in Leyte.

This was after super typhoon ‘Yolanda’ that hit the province last November 8.

Speaking on ‘Buzz ng Bayan’ on Sunday, Estrada narrated how she felt from the time she learned about the typhoon’s devastation up to the time when she was already on her way to the province to look for her mother.

Estrada said she was desperately trying to contact her relatives in Leyte since that Friday to no avail.

It was only on the morning of November 11 when Estrada was able to contact one of their relatives and was also able to confirm their safety.

Meanwhile, her son, Daniel Padilla heaved a sigh of relief in learning that their family in Leyte was unharmed by the wrath of the super typhoon.

A native of Tacloban, Karla had no contact with Daniel’s grandma and their relatives in Leyte for three days.

Earlier, mother and son asked for assistance and relief goods