A Church Refuses to Shelter A Group of Typhoon Victims

Reports said that Iglesia Ni Cristo refused shelter to a group who was soaking wet walking from road to road in Iloilo City.

Mai Militante was walking from Estancia to Balasan Road when they came across the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

At that time, they were soaking wet, hungry, tired and dead scared.

However, someone from the Church told them they cannot stay there because they are not members of Iglesia.

The Church was not affected by the typhoon as it stood still even amid the destruction of flattened houses, buildings and roads.

Around the Church, people were sleeping on the streets after they were left homeless by the typhoon.

Meanwhile, Christopher Roxas and Gladys Reyes are the local stars who are members of Iglesia Ni Cristo Iglesia Ni Cristo.