Nadine Samonte Will Be the Next Showbiz Bride

Will Nadine Samonte be the next showbiz bride after Shamcey Supsup, who is marrying her Fil-Chinese boyfriend in December?

The answer could be yes because the star of TV5’s upcoming series ‘The Gift’ was wearing an engagement ring when she attended the new show’s story conference.

Nadine admitted that her businessman-fiance Richard Chua surprised her by presenting the ring last July, when he knelt before her, and asked, ‘Will you marry me?’ while a video was recording the big occasion.

Richard chose Sofitel Hotel as the setting of his proposal, and the scenic Manila Bay as the background.

Richard took out a video camera and trained it on her and when she asked what it was all about, Richard told her he just wanted to take videos.

It turned out that he was preparing the video for the big event leading to the proposal by Manila Bay.

Nadine recounted how flustered Richard looked when he asked Nadine to marry him.

Meanwhile, most women’s biological clocks start ticking by the time they reach 30.

But for Nadine, it seems it is ticking earlier than usual.

She has to give birth on or before she reaches 30 (she’s 25) or else she will have a hard time at it.

Nadine told reporters at TV5’s Primetime Programs Launch on Tuesday, Oct. 2, that she has a polycystic condition that hampers her ability to give birth as she matures.

Now that her non-showbiz boyfriend Richard has proposed to her last July, meeting that deadline should not be a problem.

Nadine is sure she is emotionally ready to tie the knot.

TV5 actress Nadine Samonte said she is ready to settle down and start a family of her own.

According to the actress, Richard already sought the permission of her mother before asking her to marry him.

The couple planned to tie the knot next year.

When asked if she will leave show biz for good once she married Richard, Nadine said show biz will be in her heart.

As long as there are projects and offers to her, she will not stop working.

The actress will soon be featured in TV5’s upcoming series ‘The Gift’ with Ogie Alcasid.