Phil Younghusband Says His Break-up with Angel Locsin is a Mutual Decision

Phil Younghusband said no one is to blame for the collapse of his two-year romance with actress Angel Locsin.

Phil broke his silence when he posted a thank you note on image-sharing application Instagram Sunday afternoon.

The athlete said the breakup was a mutual decision and he has no regrets in the course of their relationship.

They enjoyed each other’s company and really made the most of it.

There are no faults in this, it was not an issue of who did or did not do something, it was a mutual decision and although it was difficult they just both felt that this would be the best thing to do given their circumstances.

In the end, Phil thanked everyone who supported them and assured the public that he remains good friends with Angel.

Meanwhile, Younghusband and Locsin became a couple on May 27, 2012, following a year-long romance that started with a tweet from the Azkals striker asking the actress out for Valentine’s Day.

The former couple had admitted talking about a future together, but noted they have yet to discuss wedding plans.

On the subject of marriage, Younghusband said in an interview early this year that he plans to marry Angel.