‘Manny Pacquiao is Too Fast for Brandon Rios’ Says Timothy Bradley

If Timothy Bradley is asked, he will say that boxing star, Manny Pacquiao is too fast for Brandon Rios.

Bradley, who once beat Pacquiao in a controversial split decision, thinks the younger Rios will be in trouble once he goes up against the older Pacquiao because of the latter’s speed.

There is always risk when you are in there with a big puncher, absolutely, but like he always tells everybody, speed kills in every sport including boxing.

Rios tends to go toe to toe while pressuring his foes and Bradley said that this is a weakness to Pacquiao who can take advantage of it because of his speedy and well-timed hits.

Rios is not a real big defensive guy at all and he keeps his hands high and Pacquiao is the kind of fighter that punches through guards.

Bradley feels Pacquiao will overcome Rios’ guard and pick him to pieces.

Nonetheless, he said he is not sure whether Pacquiao will knock down Rios but said that if but if Pacquiao repeatedly punches through Rios’ guard, Pacquiao may be able to bring him down.

Pacquiao is set to fight Rios in Macau this coming November 24.