Phil Younghusband is Insulted by Reports of Angel Locsin & Chito Miranda’s Alleged Sex Video?

Sources claim that Phil Younghusband must have felt threatened and insulted by reports that Angel supposedly had several recorded sex videos.

Although this issue came out just a few days after the first sex video between Chito and current girlfriend Neri Naig leaked online, talks have persisted that Chito also recorded his intimate moments with his former girlfriends, Angel and Kaye Abad.

The said perpetrator of the leakage reportedly warned Chito that he/she would release another video in the future.

After a few weeks, that individual really uploaded another sex video of the couple.

But reportedly, that person also threatened to leak a sex video between Angel and Chito in the future.

And that apparently and allegedly was a big issue for Phil.

Although he was raised in the UK, Phil reportedly has conservative views on things.

A sex video of her girlfriend with another man certainly was not something he could actually tolerate. Apparently, even the thought of it could has appalled the Azkals player.

In his statement about the breakup, Phil simply disclosed that it was a mutual decision between him and Angel to end the relationship.

Meanwhile, Phil admitted that it was a difficult decision but they had to accept it.

Angel and Phil were sweet and affectionate to each other out in the public just a few days before the news about the breakup surfaced.

It can be recalled that this is not the first time that a showbiz couple reportedly broke up because of rumors that the woman has a sex video scandal with another man leaking soon.

Just a few weeks ago, there were also reports that Derek Ramsay ditched Cristine Reyes because the latter has a sex video scandal with ex-boyfriend Rayver Cruz that is soon to leak online.