Paulo Avelino is not Affected by the Suicide Attempt Issue

Paulo Avelino denies the suicide attempt.

Avelino said that he is not affected by something that is not true.

Paulo’s former girlfriend declared that she is not seeking sympathy from the public.

That is her way of protecting the image of her former boyfriend.

She understands that whatever she says, it would always fire back at Paulo, whether her words are good and bad.

She did not directly say but there is an implication in her words and gestures that she also does not want to be accused of using Paulo and the breakup as a way to generate publicity for her dismal showbiz career.

Meanwhile, the actor who plays Diego Layer in ‘Honesto’ said the new teleserye is more than just a family drama.

Avelino is really proud to do this TV series ‘Honesto’ because it is about the real situation of the Filipino society.

He had no hesitation accepting the role because he is a father in real life as well and he wants to portray roles that are new to him.

He admits that he has not portrayed anything like this before.