Cesar Montano is Ready to Love Again

Cesar Montano said his heart is always open and he is willing to love again.

These were the actor’s candid words on Thursday, when asked if he is ready to love again after his controversial separation from actress Sunshine Cruz, his wife of 13 years.

The ‘Muro Ami’ star laughed when asked for his reaction to Cruz’s recent statement, supposedly saying she now prefers to be in a relationship with someone who is not ‘moreno’ like Montano.

Cruz and Montano separated in January this year over his alleged affair with model-actress Krista Miller.

Before the controversial breakup involving Miller, the celebrity couple, by Cruz’s admission, went through several rough patches due to Montano’s questionable relationships with his co-star.

In August, the couple’s spat was taken to court, with Cruz accusing her husband of marital rape but this was denied by Montano, saying the incident in question was consensual.

The actress also accused Montano of keeping her from seeing their three daughters but according to the actor’s camp,the children chose to stay with him following the couple’s separation.

Both camps have since agreed to share custody of the children.