Zanjoe Marudo Has a Recent Argument with Bea Alonzo?

Zanjoe Marudo admitted having a recent argument with girlfriend Bea Alonzo.

It stemmed from their lack of time for each other.

But the 31-year-old actor said in an interview on ‘Showbiz Inside Report’ aired Saturday, they have come to accept the situation.

Marudo has been in a relationship with Alonzo since March 2011.

Both Alonzo and Marudo currently star in primetime series ‘Annaliza.

The actor is also a mainstay on the late-night gag show ‘Banana Split’ while Alonzo is working on her latest film ‘She’s the One.’

He plans to tackle similar situations in the future, Marudo said.

Meanwhile, Bea shares her secret to their happy and strong relationship, with her boyfriend.

They always understand each other and bring out the best on them.

Part of showing Bea’s support for her boyfriend is supporting him in his golf ventures.

She organized a golf tournament for Zanjoe on his birthday, she knows that it is one of his passions.

Marriage is still something far from the actress’ mind because she remarks that she still wants to enjoy her current status as Zanjoe’s girlfriend.

Bea’s career is also flourishing more than ever.