Ai Ai Delas Alas Says Her Heart Grows Tired

Comedienne Ai Ai delas Alas is still far from the finish line when it comes to her healing process.

Delas Alas says her heart grows tired and it will take time before it heals, following the failure of her marriage with businessman Jed Salang.

The comedienneis not yet ready for anything and she is giving her heart time to rest before she falls in love again.

It can be recalled that Delas Alas shocked the public when she broke down on ‘The Buzz’ last May when she confirmed that she and her husband for a month have already separated.

She revealed then that Salang physically abused her, making her decide to leave him last May 2.

She said her children now have become more protective of her, adding that they have vowed to screen her future suitors, unlike before her children never intervened in her past relationships but due to what happened, they felt the need to protect her against people who would also hurt her in the future.

Despite this, delas Alas said she is still open to forgiving Salang in the future.