Miley Cyrus Appears Naked in Music Video

Miley Cyrus has unleashed another wrecking ball aimed at her image as a former Disney princess.

Cyrus appears naked in the music video for her latest single ‘Wrecking Ball’, which premiered online late Monday and immediately set a new YouTube record for the most number of hits after one day.

The video amassed over 12.3 million views within 24 hours, breaking the record set by British boy band One Direction with their ‘Best Song Ever”’video, which gained 10.9 million views only last July.

It was directed by the controversial photographer Terry Richardson, ‘Wrecking Ball’ opens with the 20-year-old singer singing while seductively holding a sledgehammer and wearing a white cropped top, white panties and boots.

She later licks that sledgehammer and gets totally naked while hanging on a swinging wrecking ball.

The video has earned over 35 million views, at this posting.