Daiana Menezes Says She Does Not Sleep Around

Daiana Menezes wanted to correct the wrong impressions of her, that she ‘sleeps around.’

Speaking with men’s magazine UNO in its September 2013 issue, the 26-year-old Brazilian-commercial model recalled moving to the Philippines when she was only 19.

She was taken by the beauty of the Philippines, Menezes has developed a preference for Filipino men when it comes to being in a relationship.

She does not label the relationship because Pinoys know how to make a good bola while she feels sorry for Brazilian guys, she already gets their bola right away, so she does not fall for them easily.

She is now married to former Cagayan de Oro Rep. Benjamin Benaldo.

Menezes recounted having only two serious relationships since settling in Manila to build a career and life here.

People think she has been around and they have no idea that she was single the first three years she was here.

Her first boyfriend was younger than her, the second one was older, they got engaged and the same way with both guys, she broke it off.

She was the one who initiated the break-up in both relationships and Menezes clarified that she was genuinely invested as a partner.

She does not want to sound ‘mayabang,’ but realistically speaking, they propose so it is not her fault if she gets proposed when she is in a relationship and it is not also her fault if she takes them seriously.

She does not sleep around because she goes for real feelings and she does not hide them unlike other people.

As for her numerous appearances as a sexy model, Menezes thinks there is a way of being sexy and wholesome at the same time.

She does not think it brings a person down to show what they have.

Meanwhile, Menezes was considered as one of the highlights of the FHM Sexiest Victory Party in July.

It marked her first public appearance since her husband was tagged in an alleged suicide attempt, following their controversial on-off relationship.

When asked about her nude pictorial for UNO, Menezes continued that it is not the kind of magazine that you are asking them to touch you but it is just for them to look at you and appreciate it.

It is just time for her to rise, with her head up high because she is a woman who should put her head up high.