Sen. Chiz Escudero Convinces Heart Evangelista to Become More than Friends

Actress Heart Evangelista was not ready to enter a new relationship when she met Sen. Francis Chiz Escudero.

Evangelista had just gone through a break-up but the lawmaker somehow convinced her to become more than friends.

Speaking with StarStudio magazine in its September 2013 issue, the 28-year-old actress recalled being given a list by her friend and mentor, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, enumerating potential dates.

Senator Miriam did not want her to settle down and have a boyfriend.

She wanted her to date only and would tell her to treat men like furniture, just replace them, telling her jokingly.

While she agreed to seeing Escudero, who is 15 years her senior, Evangelista said she only ever intended to make new friends.

She recalled having just broken up with Brazilian-Japanese model Daniel Matsunaga at the time.

It was like a dream, referring to Escudero, Evangelista said, she really thought they could only have friendship.

She thought she found a friend and he was not really showing any hints and she has been seeing him almost everyday.

She was also very attractive to him, but it got to a point in her life that she was not ready for anything because was enjoying being single, going out with some friends.

But the lawmaker, Evangelista narrated, eventually brought up their situation, having formed a close relationship over a short span of time.