Derek Ramsay Says His Relationship W/ Cristine Reyes Happens So Fast

Cristine Reyes and Derek Ramsay’s relationship as a couple came unexpectedly.

Reyes and Ramsay skipped the dating stage, in the three years that they have known each other because they had intended to be only good friends.

They first got acquainted in 2011, when they were tapped to portray a married couple in the romance-drama film ‘No Other Woman’ and at that the time, Reyes and Ramsay were still with their respective former partners.

In January 2013 Reyes and actor-dancer Rayver Cruz made a televised announcement of their separation while Ramsay and actress Angelica Panganiban broke up in February 2012.

Since Reyes’ separation from Cruz, the actress and Ramsay have been romantically linked.

The two admitted frequently going out and being in constant communication but they maintained that they were only friends.

Explaining why their turn as lovers was unexpected, Ramsay said that they had no intention.

Asked whether he is in good terms with Cruz, who remains to be good friends with Reyes, Ramsay said that there is definitely no bad blood between him and Rayver.

Rayver and Cristine have been separated for a while and Ramsay been separated for a while with Angelica Panganiban.

Cruz said he is not against the new relationship of his former girlfriend because Ramsay is a decent guy, who can take care of Cristine.

Cruz even shared he and Reyes, as a couple then, would frequently spend time with Ramsay and Panganiban as a group of friends.

At the time, Ramsay and Reyes were already acquainted with each other’s family.

The actor happily related on Wednesday that he and Reyes are forming closer ties with each other’s family members now that they are in a relationship.