Melissa Ricks Finally Speaks about Break-up with Paul Jake

Melissa Ricks finally spoke why she and Paul Jake Castillo broke up.

Ricks returned home from a vacation in the United States and spoke at length about her break-up with former ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ housemate Paul Jake Castillo.

The actress was asked if she can finally shed light on the break-up.

She said there was no solid reason why they parted ways and denied there was any third party in the one-year relationship.

Ricks was all-smiles in relating why she and Castillo had seemed evasive about discussing their separation.

Castillo confirmed the break-up in July on ‘The Buzz’ but Ricks noted that they were not able to explain fully the reason behind the amicable decision to part ways.

Maybe they could just cherish the friendship more than anything else, she added.

Ricks spoke with ABS-CBN News’ Gretchen Fullido on Friday and she also explained her prolonged vacation overseas was for a program to lose weight and to spend time with her family based there.

When asked if there is any chance that they will get back together, Ricks said that they have exhausted efforts to salvage their relationship.

They remain good friends and she has also no regrets why she does not try to fix it.

Ricks experienced that before, and she does not want it to happen again.

Ricks was previously in a relationship with actor Jake Cuenca.

She considers Castillo as her ‘greatest love’ and her relationship with the newbie actor may have been the right love at the wrong time.

Maybe they were just meant to be friends or maybe there is someone better out there for them.

There is no one courting her as of now and said she is nonetheless open to being in a new relationship.

As to whether she is ready for it, Ricks recalled when she started forming close ties with Castillo, he came unexpectedly.

Meanwhile, the actress was last seen in the primetime series ‘Walang Hanggan.’