Sexy Star Klaudia Koronel Now A Proud Caregiver

The sexy star Klaudia Koronel in the 90’s is now a proud caregiver in America.

Klaudia Koronel is Milfe Dacula-Zhang in real life. It was in 2009, when she married and left the world of showbiz and went to Amerika.

She lives in a very comfortable life in Arizona, has a 10-bedroom mansion and a car. Her husband provides her everything but when her husband is on business trips to other states, klaudia is left alone in her home. This gives her the idea of having a job as a caregiver. When her husband knew it, he bought her a Care Home for her to manage. Now, she’s not only a caregiver but she’s also Care Home Owner.

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  1. I’m not a fan of Klaudia but now I really admired her for being a true person without any kaartehan unlike others na prang hindi dumaan sa hirap.

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